Sunday, 12 May 2013

Richard Feynman lives..

A Genius; is always a Child; set free.. to dream without limitations.. and in fact never grows old.. and the secret of that freedom comes from the love given without limit to that Child... in the first place.. Children who dont get that opportunity, become dull adults who are in fact Dead Children living half a life that never got started...

The Secret of Life is to be Alive, that's not as stupid as it sounds.. not so many people are Awake Aware and Alive.. who embrace every obstacle as a game to be solved.. who is not so self absorbed, or too high and mighty not to appreciate the value of Love... from Atoms and Quark's to the very Heavens above..

" to every Man is given the Key to the gates of Heaven... The same Key opens the gates of Hell " 

" Stop trying to fill Your head with Science - for to fill Your heart with love is enough "

Richard Feynman 1918-1988..

He who lives for fresh ideas, brilliant thoughts and conclusions, can never die... except in the minds of Children who have never known love.. who get out of bed in the morning... but never actually ever "wake up" and go through life asleep as if they were never born... for a life without fun laughter and love is Death..

(I had just finished watching "The Fantastic My Feynman" on BBC 4 and had to scratch a few words out for this lovely funny charming Man, while tears ran freely down my face..) Have a look; be moved and inspired...

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