Sunday, 28 April 2013

In Memoriam..

It is only when someone is Gone.. that you really get to know them, in the scraps and smithereens of collected memories and events that are now the only access point to them.. You try to reach out and touch them by memory itself.. it hurt's..

such is the natural reaction to grief.. when it's too late to say "can I help, what can I do" the scar tissue of remorse begins to constrict your spiritual activity, and the realization of a slow burning despair rises in your heart and exits via your eyes... and the closing of a chapter is shut like a heavy door slamming in the solitary prison cell of your Soul.. in the bowels of your being; in the basement of your gut's...

then time ticks differently, it starts to count down, not up any more.. now it's your turn to become the future lost; in a buried sea of humanity.. in repose without any clothes.. awaiting the flames, to go through the curtain; never to return again..

You are finally dead, when all who remembered you have died themselves and no more memory exists to resurrect the phantom dust that dances as a recalled being in the conciousness of the living.. 

better to do good and be remembered, than do bad and be erased from history... like a photo burning on a bonfire.. 

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