Wednesday, 3 April 2013

6 years here..

If you look to the right, You'll see the inception date of this Blog was April 2nd 2007.. the interesting fact is, it had no hits for half of that time, until Google offered the option of changing the Blogs address, which was previously cutflowers911 in the Blog URL (universal resource locator, in case you didnt know)

When I put my name in the address, it started to get hits.. because there comes a time when all people who use the Internet begin to look for people they once knew.. and we all knew someone who we'd like to look up sometime or other.. for one reason or another.. but that is the opposite reason I use a pseudonym on F-Book.. as I did have a page in my real name, but as you may have already realised, that's almost always a mistake..

Why?.. cos people who you never liked when you knew them, all of a sudden want to be Your friend... fuck that!..  so now I am deeply incognito on FB.. and only use it for essential business reasons...

in these 6 years I have written 405 blogs, of which 165 are withdrawn to draft.. because of sensitive or offensive content.. even so there is quite a few regular readers.. some good; others probably not so good...

the page counter with the flags on it, is a very useful tool for identifying some of them.. as the hidden stats are truly amazing.. get one and see what I mean.. but like I said in the previous blog it is a wonderful way to pour out one's mind and ideas to the possibility of being evaluated or dismissed by others.. I have a take it or leave it reaction to that..

so Happy Birthday to me.. stay tuned, and we can grow old together... like a virtual marriage without commitments, therefore no divorce or settlement either!.. just sweet platonic simplicity and hearts ease... Ahhh...

so here's to you my dear old reader.. keep on coming and I'll have little morsels of nonsense for you to snack on and laugh at.. so keep coming back.. ;-)

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