Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Proximity and sovereignty

Argentina is a race of cheating grease-balls, a society of Murderers Thieves and defaulters on any debt.. do your research and verify my statement as absolute truth... These sub human Untermensch.. are whining like evil children, about the Falklands, they howl like Dogs under a full moon... keep on Howling you land of mongrel Dog's, Your getting nothing..

They will never have the Falklands, they tried invading, they crept up like assassins in the night in 82... but that didnt work, because all their Soldiers are untrained Cowards and child murderers.. We Kicked the Shit out of them, which wasnt hard to do.. and we will kick the shit out of them again if they are stupid enough to try..

Their argument is about Proximity and sovereignty, it does not follow that geographical closeness infers ownership, why dont they say Chile or Peru is theirs as well? Why coz they are a mean twisted untrustworthy Dago's who have never done anything useful to give to the world, ever heard of an Argentinian Inventor? no because they are too fucking stupid.. it's in their genes.. they are the children of Jungle dwelling savages who eat each other.. 

They wont allow cruise ships to dock if the Ship is planning to visit the Falklands, which is the act of an embittered mean attitude.. recently they designed a Computer game that depicts a Virtual invasion of the Falklands.. see what I mean, dignity or integrity they have none, nasty little small minded petty people... their female President is a painted Whore, who sucked a lotta cocks to get elected, as She has no qualifications for such a job... She need's Fucking with a shotgun up her old filthy cunt... Shut up You old Hag.. have another drink you decrepit alcoholic...

it seems to me every country below the USA going south is a land of untameable anarchy and dishonesty... filled with mentally ill deranged murderers and thieves.. I am cancelling my Holiday and staying in Europe, at least Europeans are polite, and educated above 5th grade... :)

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