Saturday, 30 March 2013

European Money Crisis,

I feel sorry for Angela Merkel people are making cruel comparisons to Hitler.. and the people doing it are defaulters who got caught out because they are largely corrupt.. 

Like the Grease ball's in Greece Spain and Cyprus etc.. these scum-fuckers are liars cheats and thieves.. who have defrauded the tax-man for decades, You got to admire the Germans in General..  at the end of WWII they were piss poor and had nothing, well look at them now!... because they are naturally a great race of dedicated people who "work together" for a collective whole.. unlike most of the rest of humanity...

theoretically they lost the war.. but they won the peace.. and are the richest country on this side of the planet, and now they are bailing out the low born thieving filth, who make cruel references to her dominating finances like a kind of fuhrer.. 

coz they are having to finally pay up like snarling children caught fingering the girl next door... let the fuckers go hungry.. teach these Untermensch a lesson, but no Germany has compassion, and paid out a trillion buckets of cash.. and this is why they compare her to old dead Adolf... 

it's good news in a way that Russia has to pay, coz all the billions they are going to loose in Cyprus were "stolen anyway" these fucking Russians are a nation of criminals who stop at nothing to steal their way to luxury lifestyle.. do your research and you'll see, there is not a decent politician in the land, the government are a Mafia with atomic weapons.. (that is scary) and many infiltrating spy's who stop at nothing to Murder their opponents.. so they can absorb other peoples wealth.. and silence their critics..

The day is coming when out of a clear blue sky, fire will rain down on Europe again.. Democracy is a pussy culture, and does not work.. look at Cameron the chief Prick master of Britain  he is so out of touch and cosseted by a life of privilege, he is Not Qualified to run a Corner shop, let alone this bath of dirty water called the UK.. 

Enoch Powell RIP, was a prophet of truth when he spoke about Rivers of Blood... they called him a racist and an elitist.. but by Christ he was right, in retrospect he predicted the future, but pussy culture lukewarm politics ignored him.. and look at the mess we are in today.. Our love and pursuit of luxury has blinded us all to the reality of allowing rats to board our sinking ship, as long as the wine flows, and sensual delight anaesthetizes our senses... so destruction is sure to follow..

We could learn a lot from the Chinese.. but the west is too arrogant and proud to take lessons from anyone... dont say Enoch didnt try to warn You, it pays to discriminate, and yes be racist.. it is better the Devil You know, than some lost diseased Dog you brought in from the rain... let them in.. but sterilise them, in case they start fornicating, we dont want their progeny  except by appointment, or a rare and precious licence to breed.. enforced Abortions to all with a IQ less than 130: it makes sense to a Farmer..

We Castrate Dogs Dont We?...

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