Friday, 8 February 2013

Dr G.. You cut me up...

Dr G.. I love You.. not in a frenzy'd hot blooded way.. but by meticulous mathematical analysis... of your behaviour and facial expressions, that such a beautiful face can look at such horrible things, Such lovely eyes that look deep into the depths of death... is kind of noble.. like Joan of Arc who looked through the flames at mortality.. 

You must be a great Mom, always stimulating your kids minds, and going to interesting places.. and of course after you get home, your probably chief Chef cooking for the brood, Jeez You work hard and still look pretty good.. But I am sure You thrive on it.. Your name sounds Brazilian but of course thats Your married name.. I'm curious to know what your maiden name was... somthing like Murphy or Potinski... You look pretty Caucasian to me!

I tape Your Show on my PVR, and watch it over breakfast ironically... or late at night if I cant sleep.. or feel lonely . Your enthusiasm and dedication to your work is admirable.. Your a heck of an Americano.. Your the Acceptable face of Death with a smile.. 

Your the philosophers pin up Girl and a comfort to the ignorant.. I would rather Die than miss Your Show... Dr G.. You can cut me up any time; just to educate students, then feed me to your Dog... I would call that a life well spent...

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