Monday, 28 January 2013

Pride in Jane

It is 200 years since Pride & prejudice was published, written by a deeply sensitive romantic who almost certainly died a Virgin... (deserves a capital letter)... Who can imagine such nobility of Character? and restraint from the very love she swooned to capture in prose... She Died at 41, in case you didn't know.. 

She was going to marry, but a day after She accepted His Proposal, She declined.... for unknown reasons... perhaps a little too much Sensibility.. Poor Cow, never got laid... I would rather die a Virgin than be a pervert... but sadly it's too late..

I live on the border of Hampshire and Sussex... and when you drive over the county line outside Petersfield, there is a white sign that says "Welcome to Jane Austen Country" and it touches me every time I see it... I can' explain Why?.. it makes me quite sad.. and a shiver of Pride runs up my spine for our Dear Jane.. I say Our, I mean all who have a heart to dream out loud and hold heaven in the hearts of Her readers.. for the love of a Jewel made of meaning wrapped in naked words alone...

Because I have never read her works, but have resolved to do so, at least PnP on my Tablet, and to my delight it is FREE for the bicentenary, I am going to bed with Her tonight... an intelligent sensible soul, who will feel my devoted eyes on Her Wholly and truly.. as my tablet has a hinged bracket that allows it to charge and hang at arms length over my bed, perfectly aligned for optimum comfort usage and visibility.. (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch screen, best Tab sensible people buy for the right reasons)

so in a seance we will mutually help each other over the threshold of a loving habit.. i.e. me to read, and her to dwell in the company of a Man who makes love with words as well.. which may actually touch her back.. who knows the power of a romantic sentiment...? it is of the spirit heart and mind combined.. outside space and time.. 

I live less than 21 miles from Her House, (just checked) but shamefully have never even thought about it before the news broke today of the PnP Bicentennial all of a sudden I feel inspired to get closer to this ageless eternal Woman of such greatness and majestic natural Genius.. in the world of English..

Here's the Cold fish in my face... I just went to the Official Jane Austen House Museum site... and it's £7:50 or $11 to get in!... it's cheaper to by a blow-job from a schoolgirl... and that's a fiver...

I want to visit Her Grave first, thats free.. She is buried in Winchester Cathedral and that is only 30 miles away.. I would like to leave a Rose on her tomb which I just saw on the TV, it is within the Cathedral itself, with a Great Brass Plaque and Flowers in abundance, to kiss her Grave or Her lips is the same act of devotion that a saint gives to an empty Heart.. Hope and Knowledge shared in one existence..

I'm Coming Jane.. it matters not when; but enough to know that I Will.. x

One Day soon..
as I get my Licence back next Monday!...

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