Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Siblings; and Character development

It just crossed my mind, how important to an individual a sibling may or may not crucially aid internal personal development, of a persons core character..

#I have no doubt having a Sister plays a large part in our future symbiosis with the opposite Sex for starters!... I never had a Sister... regrettably . I longed for a sister; when mum had a heavy belly with a full womb of menstrual blood clots.. I used to think it might be a baby sister!!... but She was skinny again the next week, so I never got one... I have a Brother of sorts, who has a different father, and he is a Monster.. who negatively influenced my personal development..

if he had been a she, there is a chance the personality would have been kinder.. but again.. I will never know.. Men who have sisters integrate more easily with Women in later life I suspect.. as they would have known the subtleties of behaviour that differ from brutal unfeeling Men... I think it makes men gentler to others, having that essence of femininity around you constantly... I miss what I didnt have.. 

My father had a sister who he didnt care about, coz I asked him once "what happened to your sister" he said in a flippant indifference... "She went to Africa and got lost" then he laughed... That is all I ever knew about her?... other than her name was Martha... ?..

same sex siblings probably get on most of the time, but; Siblings of opposite sex are more successful in life in general I believe... I would have tried to be a good brother to a sister, but I had a Satanist instead.. and I think it would have made a difference, if it had been otherwise... 

I always despised people with big happy families, coz I was jealous.. but then again dont blame the dealer, you already paid for the cards... so play by the rules... and dont Whine like a little lost putty cat...

But I think it is an interesting postulation?... but do the statistics bear out my hunch?.. Albert Einstein had a sibling, a sister named Maja Einstein. I want to know if all american presidents had sisters? or any lone ones?... I am quite curious, anyone wanna help seach for stats?...

all the men who walked the moon had sisters !! I dont honestly know, but I am willing to bet on it...

the best film directors are ONLY children... is there a "thesis in this"?

PS LATERso far I have found one US President who does NOT have a sisterwhich one?

Lincoln's sister Died at 20; George W Bush's sister died at 3?... Obama has a Half sister by Same mother.. Oh You guessed it.. Clinton has no sisters.. thats why he molests Women, he didnt have a sister to practice, good manners on!... never come on a Lady's Dress, it's a dead give away... insist She swallows all evidence... That stain has earned her a $17m advance on tell it all book just this month: always carry a cotton bud, its your very own rape prima facie conclusive evidence kit... small but so valuable, in a tight situation..

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