Friday, 17 August 2012

Islam, the spunk of Satan

Excercise in FREE SPEECH:

The most malevolent misinformation on Earth is the "Hate racist Cult of Islam" The Koran was written in Dog Diarrhoea the blood of raped virgins and rancid spunk of a Wanker liar prophet called Mohammed (mad dog with rabies who let men fuck him, Islam is a Homosexual Culture of hatred toward all things Female) 

The greatest insult to Civilised Culture anywhere on Earth is a box of a Dead Dog in Mecca... coz they Fuck Kids, and Hang Rape victims... they are topsy turvey land come to life... never were more people dumb ignorant and too lazy to question the wrongs of its origin..

Muslims are Lemmings, they have no "mind of their own" they are self originated "automatons of nonsense turned into living breathing hatred" get every muslim out of Europe, or we will fall into a malevolent state of anarchy that will kill all "Civilised people".. Muslims can never be House trained, they are dogs who shit on their own doorstep.. if we aint got the guts to kill em all, at least steralise every last one of them, "but not the Women, as they are the only ones who deserve fertility...

Ban and Outlaw Islam in every Country; or just lie down and submit to imposed ignorance, which is the very definition of Islam itself (enforced Ignorance)... until it compleatly Asphyxiates the "Civilised World Altogether" these Fuckers breed like bot flys.. Sterilise all asylum seekers who are Muslim...

or your grand children will die in misery..

Yes.. The Truth sounds like a lie... so Deny it till You Die...

incidentally.. They are the most prolific RAPISTS after migrating to EUROPE, (Where the Civilised people live...) in one Scandinavian Country, every Rape for 3 Years that was reported; was committed by a Muslim Asylum seeker, The west is a foolish old Woman getting Fucked by Islam... and it seems She dont mind too much.. it's time for payback..  

Where the torment of injustice is at it's greatest, it is time to take action..

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