Monday, 18 June 2012

compulsive recollection

Hell is a place behind Your face... it is of the mind and conscience; as you get older You have more to look back upon, regrets and mistakes accumulate over time, but the Soul can only handle so much.. until it is so full, all your thoughts will be enslaved by it; 

it is a part of the past that can never be erased, it is Immutable like a physical scar, or a tattoo you had; that you have learnt to hate; it is a state of mind... an habitual replay of many events, an uneasy Queasy gut churning burning... it is dependant on the level of evil you have made and are guilty of:

A good heart never dwells in Hell for long... it learns, and avoids it's sink-hole, but a bad heart rolls down a mountain of time like a snowball growing with every revolution, and discards the consequences, until the day it is time to pay.... that is when you become a resident within your own cells, and neurones... forever: in a living Death of perpetual remorse..

So if You dont like the idea of it, and want to avoid it... "dont build Your own Hell" listen to the tiny voice of right and reason... but if You already live there; then I am afraid there is no escape, because in Hell it is always too late....

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