Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Insightful Paranoia

A stray bullet came close to my head in a moment, apparently according to this information, the KGB have been perusing some of my blogs with a reference to Putin.. a few hundred hits from Russia, (which only show in the personal Stats?, not the "flag counter on the page to the right" so I am going back to take it down, "Bloody drunken ramblings, offend folk, and they have long arms, so I will respectfully remove my offensive outburst, and wish him well.. I just hope he wont end up like Stalin...

and my brother hired a private Detective, to evaluate my sanity, after another drunken raving left on several answer phone messages, some time ago.. yes it's amazing what a mate in MI on the Thames transmitted in a tweet..

such a great way to transfer secrets "wide open in public" the enemy would never guess.. codes are everything in a sea of background information.. coz we are watching them, watching me... the games afoot... the Masons are out to get me.. with their network of webs.. but the good guys are watching my back.. and together we will save the Angel of destiny...

Workers of the world lie down while we steal your harvest... and starve your children of milk.. a sleeper will wake and a giant shall rise, and all the World will look in wonder... it is an unforgettable year to be witness to..

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