Saturday, 14 January 2012

More Love for the sake of saying it...

The Burden of love Is Exquisite, you carry it through all storms..
and dont giva damn if you die doin it..
it reaches further than skin and blood... though fire and Flood..
it is of the spirit, and unstoppable and it stopped me in my
tracks.. and from this Moment on... (Shania Twain)
I have found the Road to Damascus.. and I have turned back,
toward Home... where the truth was given to me..
to my destiny and even Death has no fear in me now..
I have waited almost too long to find such Truth..
the ONE to set me free.. as you have done to me..
you are the greatest expression of LIFE...
I have ever seen in one person.. as now I know for sure
God Is a Woman !! and she loves me personally.....
and as intimately as a Mother knows her baby..
and tolerate's its tantrums and knows the stains too..
Love is the only thing that cleans you, through and through
inside and out.. have no doubt.. it has Primal Clout...
they call it peace profound, and beyong understanding
its a bumpy trip with a safe Landing... it can be demanding..
Roll the drums and play the Violins, it cleanses you of all Sin..
when you thought life was over... it just begins..
and, with you I am born again.. (Billy Preston & Syreeta)
a Womans Body is the Temple of Creation, the giver of life..
a Doorway to eternity, at least thats how it seems to me..
She cures the sick & brings rest to the weary stops Anger with
a smile, and her prescence Lingers for a long long while..
She is the solution to the tragic, She is the proof of Magic..
if I never live another day.. 
I had more happieness in Your embrace..
than all my worthless lifetime of waste... 
and they may say True Love Does'nt Exist, but let me tell you this
it never comes too late... it is all our fate to feel this way..
and if you think it has passed you by, dont cry..
as you wander in the desert for years with Hunger and Thirst..
in the blink of an eye it will come and by and by..
you too will Sigh as I do.. not believeing what is happening to you..
It is my duty... to share this Beauty... for its wrong to just
keep it for myself.. as the Dividend of Love is to share your Wealth
as you have so much you can afford, to Give back and pay forward..
but if you dont give first you dont recieve..
and if you dont have Faith you cannot believe..

Love is a wild animal that you tame... that has no name..
it is a small life that trusts you... that comes close to you..
and believes in you, beware the man who stikes at Love..
and breaks a slender trust, such men fade to dust...
and are forgotten rotten and damned... 
I know... coz I am such a Man...
The more you grasp at love.. the more it will pull free
such is the nature of love, equality in freedom, 
and anger......

just learn to Know when it's over.. and never Beg!..
no Woman wants a pleading weak Man...
Show indifference and walk away, She will follow Strength..
but never a weak weeping man...

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