Friday, 2 September 2011

The Benefits of Being a Psychopath..

When You have no Real Emotions You have to fake them... and fool the World Your Human... Nothing Bothers You, Pain has no effect, and Romance Friendship and Sex.. is Meaningless... So You live to create an artificial Personality..

It's Hard Work but worth it.. and pay's in spades... When faced with any problem You can escape and feel pain free, from the pitfalls of silly seduction and soppy sentimentality... You need nothing but Fresh Air to feel Fantastic... when most folk are dumb spastics... who only feel plastic... 

it is better to be insane, than a lame brain with tears in your eyes.. or a dumb fuck looking for the illusive Tit of no sucking, only puppy dog's make you sad, coz you know Humans are not to be trusted... but if they find You up a child.. You are totally busted.. but can always explain your way out, as average people are too slow and unobservant to be anything other than a slave to their limited expectations... and Your charm and articulation will blow their fuses.. Fresh Flesh makes You salivate, under 13 make the best mates... 

so Honey Chile, admit your a paedophile.. come on Schools out.. lets get some before it runs out... or runs away... Tie em up and rape em.. then go to Church and ask for a blessing.. They forgive anything, if you kiss Their Ring.. and tickle their Ding-aling Priests are pussy cats for a good stroking.. No fucking Joking.. 

Nobody can take advantage of You, or rob your trust.. because Your only real emotion is limitless Animal Lust... and the manipulation of all Human deviation, which is a crok of shit, coz only a true blue Psychopath can do it... without guilt.. and get away with it... No Bullshit... The Meek will Burn.. but the mad will rule the World... they already do..

So get the message suckers, You ass-holes are boring mother fuckers... Give me a lunatic any day... Straight peculiar or Gay... the rest of You can go Away... Your motives are transparent like a book of glass.. so suck my dick and lick my ass.. you sane people are just too crass...

You always know where You are with a Madman.. to hell with the boring, I like Excitement fun and Danger... With sexy teenage Strangers... I lost my balls in a bet, so forget the condoms, let's just get it on.. Before Your Mom comes along.. 

wipe the spunk on your School tie, and if anybody asks... just tell a lie.. 

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