Sunday, 7 August 2011

It's Starting to Burn..

Oh Amy... didn't realise how much I'd miss You... listening to your early tv appearances, God.. no wonder You got 5 grammys all at once..

Her Bones are Burnt to cinders, hair is shrivelled in the heat and vaporised.. her old clothes are cold in the drawer.. her hairs are still in the brush.. her voice is still on her missed call message..

She is almost gone to nothing, if were not for our memory of her.. but she is resurrected each time we press play, and times will be when we press less & less, but in the times we turn back to see her and hear her Quality's unsurpassed till the last track... She comes back, to haunt us with Her legend and inner beauty.. I miss You Gal.. always will.. every time I remember You:


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