Thursday, 11 August 2011

FREEDOM v Dreamers

Freedom CORRUPTS: What a nonsence .. For years I thought it was a Great idea, But Now I think it is Dangerous.. it was only recently I realised where it was at... NOWHERE, What a Nonsence of an impossible Postulation... 

She talks about freedom like it was oxygen needed to live a full life on Earth.. Give people freedom What do they become?.... the Mafia, assholes and criminals, CONTROL the Lumpen Prolitariate .. and you got a ZOO of BASTARDS... and a Zoo needs BARS... to keep the good out and the EVIL IN...

FREEDOM? it's a Crock of shit... What a total imbecile believes.. Why? Give people freedom and what happens?..  Fucking Anarchy !!.. as long as peoples are SUPPRESSED they obey the collective law.. let them loose they become Drug taking abusive Wild animals with no mind...  so what is my point?

the only way to CONTROL Wild Animals is to constrict them by the threat of violence & termination.. FREEDOM is big in Songs & Ballads.. BUT Freedom "dont work, look at America" land of Crazy Lost Fools imbeciles and Crettins, who are IMPORTUNATE and unfortunatly  The Animal you are is the meat you ATE..

see the edit:Bad Words & insults now removed.. Apologies delivered..

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