Sunday, 14 August 2011


its a Cunt being a Cunt... back n Front, I'm a slit all over, if it wasnt for Hormones nobody would be interested.. but a Cunt is the total focus of all humanity, its all men think about and yearn for, they get one cunt, then they want another..

What a drag it is to be a famous orifice, the eternal wet hole where all humanity just wants to fuck you, they dont want your name, they dont take the blame.. but they take your name in Vein and go off to find another, which is exactly the same..

Vagina Vagina Vagina.. the fascination will never relent till your last sperm is spent... it's wet for life... it's the object of all personal strife.. What a curse it is to have one.. what a fate it is to become one.. 

the hole of all souls, the beginning and end of all wasted effort, a hole that does nothing but sweat... perpetually and indefinatly.. ready for every man and home to none..

waiting to be used.. forever...


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