Sunday, 17 July 2011


Just got into music again like a fanatic.. and I knew She was knocking around, Ahem, as it were... But I am just so deeply into Adele.. Oh Girl, what a Mountain of talent, what a finely detailed tool of expression, her vocal "Pallet" is so full of anomalies... that any other singer could not re-create.. a Natural in the Truest sence.. Astounding Adele... She is in the charts everywhere except Tehran..

Guess What I Buy Music..  WHAT !!! are you Insaine?.. Yes I pay for it now.. I am fed up with trying to bootleg a freebie from a dubious share site, @ low bit rates, and unpredictable content... taking hours to find and download..

I found the most incredible Site yes thats right.. I spent the last 2 days like a kid in a Candy shop.. I now can proudly say that my Entire Gaga collection and quite a few others are Legitimate.. Why is this site so good? because it's cheaper than toilet paper... Pennies for singles, and cup of coffie for an album, so to speak...

This morning Sunday by 8:15am I was rocking.. With a river of new aquisitions of a digital nature... all Quality bitrates and fidelity Assured.. so give it a try, you will never need file sharing risks on corrupt immoral servers at the gates of hell again... Man I am pumped stoked and stroked all at once... as soon as this is posted.. I am going shopping for more...

But let me tell You my Main Squeese now is Stephanie (Ga Ga).. I have got it all, and best of all.. I can call it MINE.. it legally is my property, and no body can take it away from me... Shes all mine coz I paid her to please me, as it were.. She my Ho.. and never says no..

But let me tell you I found a Gem unknown Album in one Track.. yes a single Track Album that is 80 mins long.. and is deeply in the vagina of my minds pleasure receptors, Awesome...Life Affirming, trancendental disco from Gods own Ball bag.. you want the link to it?.... do You?, why should I bother... You aint got the taste.. that I got, do You?... people never click recommended links ever anyway do they.. You probably think I am exaggerating, and just blowing off.. it's worth it, and the best bit of all...

This Album is only 16 cents to buy.. I am not making this stuff up, click the bloody link, or go and get Stuffed... You want it ok, asshole here it is..

White noise - white noise mixed by dj spikes

Click and find Your mind again..

You got to give it 5 mins to get into it... best grooves I have heard in a lifetime of searching..

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