Wednesday, 1 June 2011


just in case one of you souless motherfuckers snitches me up.. God & the Devil read my blog... and frankly that scares me... Yup I got my stash.. and lets face it these days you gotta be FRUGAL not a word you know? find out for yourself I cant be assed to explain it...

Money is God... without it you have no eternal satisfaction...  Fuel prices are seriously upsetting me.. I put half a tank in yesterday and it cost £52 = $86 you can walk down the street here after 7 pm coz nobody is driving except me to get another bottle/case of Vodka..

We are being fist fucked by HM GOV and the limitless greed of takers.. it hurts.. but it dont hurt as much as lost love... no i Contradict myself it hurts more, to hell with emotional Dyslexia i.e. dumb fuck love... Who needs that crap.. the idiots who cry at movies... the Lumpen Prolitariate, in other words the 98% of usless society... and I am first to admit I am one !!!..

Neither never nowhere.. thats where you'll find me... I want to live in America where you can buy a Gun and kill people for FUN!....

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