Monday, 7 July 2008

spiritual double chat

A few years ago I joined a Dating agency for a laugh, never scored, i.e. never actually met anyone... but this is how I described myself and where I was at... Never was Bullshit and poetry so closely entwined, without actually vomiting on the keyboard...

"an uncanny insight into the human condition, incisive conversationalist, word warrior more chat than 10 sets of teeth.. a sympathetic listener, with charm humour slapstick physical & verbal comedy, probably unbalanced and in need of medication or psycotherapy, a whirlwind of diverse unpredictable outpourings, comic tragic & pastoral..

an undiscovered creative Artist in prose poem song and frivolity, animal lover/owner, a tendency towards meloncholia and self pity, my favorite way of being, is over the phone, talking to a kind loving woman who I never get to meet, but get to know intimatly through shared selfless mutual support by voice...coz I'm fed up talking to "The Samaritan's" ;-)

Unrequited love never familiarity breeds Resent ! and boredom, I am not quite normal so lets be abnormal... together..body fluids are totally optional, but empathy is an absolute pre-requisit:

I have been Celibate for over 9 years,yes really; so dont force the intimacy card, I cannot make love with someone I dont know, if you want a gigolo, go to soho.. or rent a video porn show..

I have written dozens of original songs, zen prose, Theosophical meditations and several stories are simmering in my fevered mind, sharing them is much more meaningful than mere sex, and more rewarding in the long term! I'd reather make love with words, reaching deeper inside you with understanding and affinity, then if it happens, so be it, but that is not my prime motive for joining up here; I need cerebal stimulation more than ordinary sensuality... "

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