Tuesday, 17 April 2007

the Health Kick Trick...

Apr 17, 2007
goin for broke.. by

On Wednesday I'll be blood Clean (substance free) for 6 weeks which is
a very long time, since a very long time... and I have a daily routine, which
does'nt always start at the same time but consists of pumping Iron after
my first coffie, then a constitutional walk of approx 2 & half miles with a
choice of several routes to choose from, some 3 & half miles.. I vowed
as long as this early Summer weather goes on I am goona attack it with
all I got... you gettin me?

I have one main meal with rice or Fresh Salad.. and as much fruit as I
want.. including Large Chunks of freshly cut Pineapple.. Seedless Grapes
Apples, Melons by the Busload... Organic green Bananas, Bran Flakes
Honey and full cream milk sprinkled with ground Cinnamon... Absolute
Yummo off the richter scale...

So you can imagine how fresh full of energy with a clear head... I am
gonna make it this time.. after a real gut deep wakeup call caused by
self indulgent Binging Excesses I have been comitting over the major
part of last year... I dont have a choice this time; the only other option is
self annhilalation... of sloppy seedy shabby ruts to slither into, Godless
friendless pathalogically Pathetic and pityious.. states of inner
torture, and outbursts of poison that drag you into madness...
that shame you and scatter your friends like a flock of pigeons scared
by a gunshot...

if you know what it's like to realise... "You only have one last chance"
Take heed, today is the last day to get your Act Together... at first it's very
hard, and you get craveings and Many fears as you brain adjusts to..
live without all that suff in your body... but after just one week, you develop
a real healthy self respect and confidence, to wake up without a hangover
and energy to spare instead of Sloth and debautchery...

Other people start to notice you look a little more Alive, and bright eyed..
You get much more done in your day, to more thing's you never had
energy for or inclination to do.. Life begins to feel Good and right...
You make your mind up to get on with life and move on, to break the
chains enslaving you to a past of unrequited desires, and heartache's..
if you want to join me in sobriety and live a better life, most of all to earn
the admiration of your friends and family, then Google me...
and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.. Life isnt a simulation,
is for real if you want it badly enough...

Good Work brings great reward's, temperence and self control is the
apex of personal Human development... and the Highest of Virtues to
be sought for and embraced... You always fail, if you dont Try hard

Free Hugs and Hi Five's to All, Wanna Join my "Peace Train" ? it's
a free ride to those who give it a try..... get on board.

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